Goulburn Academy of Early Learning provides opportunities for the children to participate in both programmed experiences and spontaneous activities. We allow all children and families to be part of the program and encourage children to become resourceful learners. Each room is set up into a variety of learning environments, allowing the children to freely engage in activities.


Catering for children 0-3 years, our enthusiastic educators ensure each child’s needs are met as they are established. Our educators are passionate about providing care for the infants and young toddlers. The environment in the room is arranged for the children to individually grow and to encourage them to explore freely around the room. We ensure the children are given the opportunities to engage in busy, active times and calm, quieter times. Each day we encourage the children to participate in music and movement, craft, group times, reading and singing, while we offer intentional teaching there is plenty of time for the children to choose their own activities.

We aim to help the children in the room develop their independence and gain the confidence needed while learning and developing their skills.


Catering for children 3-4 years, our program is based on the children’s interests, needs and strengths. Each day the program is planned and balanced with indoor and outdoor time, individual, small and large group experiences and quiet and active play. During your child’s time in this room they will have the opportunity to explore and develop their growing independence. This room allows room for discovery and exploring through the environment. While preparing them to enter our preschool program the children are given opportunities to engage in numeracy and literacy activities.


Catering for children 4-5 years, our preschool room provides an environment where the children can learn and grow through hands on experiences, we encourage the children to discover and develop new skills while fostering creativity and self expression. We strive to build supportive, trustful relationships with children and take the time to help them grow both socially and emotionally. We develop and provide activities that are based on children’s individual strengths, needs and interests.

With regular excursions to local schools, nursing homes, art gallery and library the children are encouraged to develop a sense of being in their community. Using the Early Year Learning Framework as out guide for practice, we understand that learning is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ and that each child achieves different milestones at several different points of their growth. Our preschool program run by qualified educators to prepare the children for Kindergarten provides a major goal for this room.

We are dedicated staff who pride ourselves in genuinely caring for each child’s needs and catering for them. We aim to take the preschool experience a step beyond for each child enrolled.