At Goulburn Academy of Early Learning we believe that all children have a right of BELONGING, BEING AND BECOMING.

We cherish and protect the innocence of children by providing safe and protective environments.

We treasure the time children take to grow. We believe that children develop at their own rate and in their own time. This is why Goulburn Academy of Early Learning offers daily programs that reflect a calm, relaxed and unrushed environment for growing and learning.

We help children reach their full potential by providing enriching, meaningful and ‘real’ opportunities for learning and development through emergent educational programs.

We provide a haven for everyday discovery & learning. We believe that children learn as they explore, discover, make, create and imagine. We value constructive play as a tool for learning through our natural environments. We believe that learning environments should be welcoming spaces that are rich and varied.

We value individuality as part of our community. The Goulburn Academy of Early Learning community consists of children, families and centre educators. We also value our role within the greater community in which we exist.

We have an appetite for health and wellbeing. We provide programs, morning tea & afternoon tea that support and reinforce healthy living and food choices. We also provide a safe and secure environment for all children, families, educators and management at our centre.

We believe in caring for, guiding and nurturing children. We offer caring and nurturing environments to accommodate the needs of infants through to preschool aged children.

We celebrate our differences through acknowledgement and acceptance of diversity within our community. We value the insights and traditions that can be shared, respected and appreciated within our centre.

We welcome and value each family and their contribution. We cater for the diverse needs of all our families. Imbedded in our culture is the notion that families are a part of our centre and are invited to make contributions to all aspects of its operation. We believe that working in partnerships with families is central to ensuring continuity and progression in learning and development.

We value the commitment and professionalism of our team. We recognise the experience and input of our educators in all aspects of the centre and appreciate their dedication as an integral part of the centre’s successes. Educators continually seek ways to build their professional knowledge through education.

We care for our world and its future. We achieve this through everyday teaching about respect for our centre environment and the natural world around us. Sustainability is the future.

We believe in preparing children for a life beyond that of the home and the centre. As children prepare for their transition to school, Goulburn Academy of Early Learning offers specialised programs to support their developing confidence, life skills and abilities.